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Thank you for your interest in the Tzu Chi Academy. For more information, to register or to schedule a Trial Class for your child, please click on either the online or paper forms options to start your process.    
​感謝您對慈濟學校的關注。更多詳細資訊,請您註冊或為您的孩子安排課程, 請點擊下方獲得報名表或聯絡信息。


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波士頓慈濟人文學校 2022-2023學年註冊表 (Tzu Chi Academy Boston 2022 -2023 Registration)

備註 Remarks

  1. 語文課程Language Class:  9:30am-10:20am, 10:30am-11:20am
    幼中班 Kindergarten II , 幼大班 Kindergarten III, 一至九年級 1st to 9th grade
  2. 人文課程 Humanity & Culture Extracurricular Class:  11:30am-12:20pm
  3. 學費及退費辦法Tuition and Refund Policy
    1. 學費:包括教材費、學雜費及人文課程費。一學年學雜書籍費$520,加註冊費$30。 註冊費恕不退費。
      舊生6/5/2022 前早註冊者每位學生有$20折扣。新生於7/31/2022 前早註冊者每位學生有$20折扣。
      Tuition and fees: $520 annual tuition (two semesters), books, and miscellaneous fees, plus registration fee $30 per student. 
      The existing students will receive $20 discount if register before 6/5/2022. New students will receive $20 discount if register before 7/31/2022.
    2. 制服費:每位學生每兩年可免費索取長袖制服或短袖制服一件。額外制服十五元一件
      Uniform costs:  Each student can request a long-sleeve or a short-sleeve uniform free of charge every two years. Additional uniform can be purchased with $15 each.
    3. 退費辦法: 註冊費恕不退費。開學日之前申請退費,學雜書籍費全額退還。開學日後三十天之內申請退費,退學雜書籍費之75%,之後不再退費。
      Tuition refund policy: 
      • Refund request made before the first class will receive full refund of the tuition. Registration fee is non-refundable.
      • Refund request made within 30 days after school starts will receive 75% of tuition paid. Registration fee is non-refundable.
      • Refund request received after the first month will receive NO REFUND.